Thursday, July 27, 2006

Officially Moved - Again!!

i have officially moved - yet again!! a lot of you have been asking about the whereabouts of but that alas, my dear friends, has been put to rest for the time being due to reasons behind my own comprehension.... blame it on the mideast crisis for now. anyway at some point i will reclaim my domain name from the U.N.'s World Intellectual Property Organization ala Tom Cruise and other celebs. but i'll wait for my 15 mins. till then :)
anyway, hope you like my new look and keep writing in. i'll try to amuse you guys in the best way i can - just sheer madness.


Chhavi said...

NICE photo :)

clio1900 said...

Hah! 'I told you so' - and you didnt believe me when i said it wasnt working!!tsk..tsk..Anyway, welcome back and keep it coming etc and I will attempt to reciprocate as frequently as possible:)

Alpana said...

YES!! first one to leave a comment on your new blog.
That is a lovely pix btw.

Payal said...

Aha... the first to leave a message!!

Welcome to your new home :-). So sad to hear you lost your domain, though. Hope you get it back quickly.

I've changed your URL in my blog, so *cough cough* you can add me now ;-)

yo4rker said...

I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!