Friday, October 06, 2006

O Mommy Dearest

As we all know the Mother of All Matrimonial Sites is As the name implies, the site means serious business. From the “quick partner search” to the “astro” columns and “success stories,” it’s a marketing triumph that’s brought all kinds of different people together. I know at least 3 friends who got married through the site and although it’s inspiring, I’m not exactly holding out a candle for The One in Cyberspace.
Anyway, till now I was safe in the cocoon of knowledge that my parents’ use of the Internet was confined to – nothing more, nothing less – unless you count Maa’s obsession with playing spider solitaire and some game involving wolves. So imagine my surprise when I get an e-mail from Customer Relations with the subject line “Profile for you.” The body of the mail went on to say “Your friend maa (her e-mail id) wants you to check out this profile.” Needless to say, I was highly amused. Two thoughts crossed my mind: How did she start surfing this site? And besides standard job, family factors, what other qualities was she looking for in a potential son-in-law?
It was time for the weekend phone call, which went something like this:
Me: How did you learn how to surf this site?
Maa: This is so much fun. Your kakima taught me (this is my aunt from Ottowa who is like a pal to me and who I thought, till now, was super cool about not putting any pressure!!!)
Me: and who are these guys you’re choosing?
Maa: I think that chap from Texas is quite handsome.
Me: I thought you said looks weren’t important.
Maa: I’m also looking at this boy in California. He says he is very close to his family.
Me: How touching. And where in California? I am not moving to Sunnyvale.
Maa: This is not funny. By the way, he also has a sense of humor.
Me: Are you going to stop playing solitaire now?

Oh, I do miss my mum :)


Monica said...

Hehe. So well-written.

Twisted DNA said...

Haha. Good one. Is it OK if we send suggestions to you from too? :P

By the way, you should move to Sunnyvale because IT'S THE BEST PLACE ON THE EARTH! Bay area rocks!

Vikas said...

best of luck for more profiles;)

U known all moms act MOMS

mommyof2 said...

So the shaadi season has begun for you?:-) Good Luck.

shilpa said...

thanks all for the luck, etc.
tdna: no, thanks!!!!!

Minal said...

you need all the luck in the world, for sure.

Happy dodging