Monday, November 13, 2006

Dancing in the Dark

What is it about some desi men that makes them hover on the peripheries of a dance floor at a nightclub and then try to make a grab for any random woman? Apparently, a strategy they invented called “Identify Target and Impress With Mithun Moves” from I am a Disco Dancer days.
On Sat. night my friends and I noticed this trilogy hovering around trying to do just that. They seemed like regular, nice geeks at first. One was in a suit and all; the other in a studly black and red leather jacket; and the third was in cargos. You couldn’t miss them because they were everywhere and trying extremely hard for any action.
First, the Suit Guy danced with a bachelorette party and got his hands all over the bride-to-be posing for various pictures. Next, he zoomed in on the frat girls trying to be a kabab mein haddi. Meanwhile, Leather Jacket saw his Holy Vision: the modern Bhartiya Nari with long tresses and shy dance moves, albeit accessorizing perfectly with her cosmopolitan and cigarette. She spurred him immediately – but only to provoke him further, since he figured a ‘no’ means ‘yes’ – and as he tried to whisper sweet nothings, he just grabbed her arm. I swear I could hear her say eww! Cargo Pants was just dancing around, minding his own business, until he saw this unfold and did his bit by telling his friend to chill out.
The Suit Guy later discovered our Brown Crowd and thought hmm, 6 women, 3 men, surely I have a chance here. He slowly started to infiltrate – dancing with one of the guys and then coming on to a couple of us girls. At some point when Suit Guy and Leather Jacket were suitably drunk, they were almost coming to blows about some random thing. Again, the tension was diffused in classic Bollywood fashion by Cargo Pants who came between them and told them to stuff it. I don’t know how long they stayed or if they got lucky, but the last thing I saw before I left the place, was Suit Guy desperately trying to make conversation with one of my friends. She looked pretty bored herself, but even she wasn’t that desperate.
On another note: I saw “Babel” and was pretty moved and confused. But it was still a very good movie.


Twisted DNA said...

LOL! One guy was at least able to hold a girl's hand! I am willing to guess that the other two didn't get that lucky either that day :)

Are you feeling bad that the red leather jacket didn't hit on you :P

Rohini said...

You can take a guy out of India but you can't take India out of a guy -- they seemed to still be behaving as if they were in a Blue Line bus rather than a dance floor!

Neha Choudhari said...

hey hey...i wasnt bored !!!!
i just dont dance....
but good one...haha..
good thing u didnt write about the was a fun night!

shilpa said...

dna: how did you know?? now i've been scarred for life :D
rohini: you can say that again! although we shouldn't really generalize..
neha: what threesome are u talking about??? pretty sure i wasn't that drunk.. lol

Alpana said...

You can take men out of des, but cant take des out of desi men!

sanjay jha said...

nameste shilpa,
nice observation,funny
seems every one had fun