Monday, February 05, 2007

Prohibition Time

So inspired by Oprah's fitness guru, Bob Greene, i am abstaining from alchohol for a month. According to Greene, when you are on a healthy diet and trying to increase your metabolism, it's important to keep the body as hydrated as possible. Alchohol doesn't help the cause so it's best to avoid it for a while. So no liquor and that includes beer and wine. And since Feb is the shortest month of the year, i thought i might as well grab the bull by its horns, etc. etc.
Not that i'm an alchoholic, but i was rather worried about how i would survive social situations where if one does not drink, one is not having fun or is gently reminded by friends for being a hopeless old fart. But despite the taunts, I survived the past weekend and drank water at the clubs and avoided the beer on Super Bowl Sunday. It sort of feels like the time i was 14 and wanted to be vegetarian for a while (animal rights, etc.) and miserably failed in that venture after just 10 days. So let's see how long this lasts... it's Day Seven.


Kanika said...

Actually, red wine has medicinal benefits.. one glass a day is good for the heart and all that - so's chocolate - dark chocolate. why water? that's definitely bad for you! go with coke!

Shilpa said...

my dear pregger pal, i don't need to be sold on the medicinal values of wine or chocolate. i'll be happily sipping/eating any given time... just not this month.

Kanika said...

why only a month? soon you'll see the added benefits of waking up without a hangover, watching other people get drunk while you happily sip on water (I still recommend Coke) - don't forget to let them know that they made complete asses of themselves, and, most importantly, using your self-imposed ban on drinking as a great conversation starter!!