Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Nano Second of Fame

Ah, finally. My days of toiling away for an undisclosed audience of Web surfers, perhaps 6 loyal readers and other curious onlookers were coming to an end. My blog was about to hit the big time. Millions would track it down to voyeuristically follow the bumblings and mumblings of yet another single woman in some city in some corner of the world. They would search in anticipation of those sexy, glamorous posts that make every 32-year-old journalist living the inevitable life of Carrie Bradshaw – who cares if you’re not in NY, not working at Vogue, not screwing multimillionaires, or not owning a single pair of Manolo Blahniks. This blog could still get its 15 mins. of fame, damn it! Oops. Make that a nano second, please.
I was tracked down by an intrepid reporter from a mainstream Indian newspaper to be asked that profound qs: what is a quarter-life crisis? It is apparently the "it" topic being covered in hazaar places these days to take the pulse of desi youth and all that. But coming from the same tribe, I was happy to spew, umm, some profundity and help out in her quest. Would I be willing to be quoted as a 32-year-old singleton? Would I be willing to give out the name of my blog? Would I be willing to eat cheese and crackers for an entire day? The answers to all those questions were yes. And then the article came out and I clicked on it and scanned for my name, or my blog’s name, at least – wait! Where was it all? Missing. Where was my profundity? Missing. I wasn’t too disappointed, though. For two reasons:
1. Since it was about the QLC (did this acronym exist before?), there were too many people in their 20s in the piece. The very judgmental editor pushed me to the bottom of the copy. And I don’t know who made this decision – writer/editor – but the quote they finally did use was the least interesting and had no context to the rest of the story! But of course I understand sadistic journalists. I’m one of them.
2. And since I do have a blog to air my rants, perhaps you, gentle reader, might care enough to read my Original Pearls of Wisdom for Fascinating Feature Sunday Piece:
“What is a quarter-life crisis? A quarter-life crisis is supposed to be when you hit a wall and you don't know what the future holds for you or what exactly you want from life. If you take it more literally – if the average life expectancy of a person is 75, you hit a quarter-life crisis at 25. But with life expectancies growing, so does the age of the crisis. For today's youth in India it could mean getting everything you want by 30 – job, marriage, kids, house, car, world domination – and then hitting a wall. What next? So it doesn't matter if you're single or not, I think everyone goes through this process. The crisis may be more magnified if you are single and face societal pressure to "settle down" in the more conventional sense. Will I ever get over this crisis? Unlikely. I need to sustain my blog traffic.”
Oh, and please don’t ask me the name of the newspaper or a link to the article – totally irrelevant, and if you’re that curious, I’m sure you intrepid types will find it!!


rohitpad said...

Hmmm...Does that mean the reporter didn't believe your QLC was important enough?

SG said...

If you take it more literally – if the average life expectancy of a person is 75, you hit a quarter-life crisis at 25.

Wait...doesn't add up. If you are doing the literal calculation, on a life expectancy of 75, quarter-life would hit at 18 yrs 9 months. Age 25 is QLC time for the century crowd! -SG

Shilpa said...

ropad: i have no idea what the reporter was thinking.. my QLC was just not "20s enough" ;)

sg: geez, finally someone noticed!!!

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog, pretty interesting lingo. Hope to see the posts more often. You have not updated in a month

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my morning a little bit better with this great article!!