Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Day After

Yes, I remembered. Saw “Path to 9/11” on ABC and Frontline on PBS… both intense and interesting. In spite of the big, bold messages warning viewers it was a dramatization and not a documentary, I fail to see why the network tied up with Scholastic to distribute the movie as a “learning tool” for school kids… will kids even know the difference between the two? PBS had too many shots of people falling from the towers… It felt kind of sadistic to even watch.
Anyway, today morning I had this weird dream about Jon Stewart telling some joke about how washing machines affect marriages. The two musketeers were snickering on the sidelines. Dream over. Then as I was stepping out to work, some woman literally accosted (that’s the only word to describe it) me on the street and said, “good morning.” She scared the crap out of me… I don’t know why… she looked mean and sinister, could’ve been a ghost. Who knows? or maybe she was just a nice, old lady who wanted my earrings. I might have been dreaming again. But I managed to stutter "morning, gggg-gotta go."


Sash said...

Accosted you? Just because she said "good morning"... wow, you are tough!

shilpa said...

it's the *way* she said it... i have no problem greeting strangers, but she really approached me like a jehovah's witness - and i know how they are coz they've "accosted" me too!

Twisted DNA said...

Haha. some people do go out of the way to wish you good morning, dont they!

So what did Jon Stweart say about Washing machines and marriages? :)

shilpa said...

drat, i forgot the punchline. but he did say, "bleaching detergents? uh, not so much."