Monday, September 25, 2006

Moving - Again!

This is my last week living by myself in nice little cubby hole in Cleveland Park. I found a roommate and after putting in major walking hours exploring the city for a suitable apt. to suit our needs, we finally got a place on Capitol Hill that we really liked. This is the first time i actually put in some physical effort to find a place and i may have lost a few pounds in the process... called the Apt. Hunting Diet :) will be shifting with some bags and baggage this weekend and the furniture will go end of Oct.
So i lived by myself for 2 out of my 5 yrs in the U.S. and both times i got harsh lessons in independence and self-sufficiency. but most imp. lessons have been in the "how-to" department: how to use a can opener (by holding can steady), how to hook up the dvd player (by reading the manual), how to react when a stranger walks in to your apt. by mistake when you leave your door unlocked for the first time (that scream that never comes out of your mouth), and of course how to enjoy my lovely company :) going back to living with someone won't be easy but Malini is highly amusing... just as normal women carry lipsticks or chapsticks, she carries around a Tide marker pen to remove food spills on her clothes!!


Monica said...

Tide marker! Looks like you have an interesting time ahead. And what did you exactly do when the stranger walked in?

shilpa said...

yeah we bonded after realizing we say sorry to tables after bumping into them.. lol
OK so the stranger entry was another adventure: twas the night before i was moving from fairfax to arlington. after i took out many bags of trash, i went into take a shower but forgot to lock the door. this old asian lady walks in by mistake (not into the bathroom thank god) and i happen to hear her say - "anyone here?" i come out and we both started screaming in unision. i was in a towel or i would've chased her out properly :D

sobia said...

wow, that could have been a freaky story. luckily it was just an old lady.

Monica said...

Hahaha. You really seem to have a lot of weird encounters. And sorry to tables?! :))

Twisted DNA said...

"Tide marker"
Haha. It's gonna be fun living with her. You will get a taste of how most husbands feel ;)

"reading manual"
What is a manual? ;)

Vikas said...

intresting post..Best of luck for ur new partner.I hope now u will have to do some wild things ;)

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cardamom said...

Tide marker!!...i hope that she dosn't switch the tide marker with her lipstick :)...hehe


alpana said...

the tide marker thing attracts attention, doesnt it? wish i had one. sigh!

mommyof2 said...

Good Luck! and why did that lady scream? :-)

shilpa said...

sobia: i know it could've been a *lot* worse.
monica: ya this wht this blog is about.. my weird encounters :)
dna: i got a sample of how to live w/ a sig. other w/ another roomie. she was a total type-A and v.messy. but still made fabulous homemade paneer!!
vikas: thank you
cardomom: nah, don't think she carries any lipstick ard though it might be fun to see what wd happen!
alpana: want me to send u one?? btw, tunai and i are meeting up sometime soon :D
mommyof2: she was just horrified to see me, of course. or maybe the color of the towel scared her too. purple, i think.