Monday, January 29, 2007

No Bra-vado for Me

A recent article on intimate wear got me rolling my eyes on the number of exhaustive bra excursions i've had. Back in Delhi's Sarojini Nagar Market, there was a male sales shop assistant who sized me up with one look and proceeded to whip out wholesome cotton designs like he was showing off the latest designer kurtis. when i arrived here, i ran to the nearest vic's secret to get myself all properly measured by helpful female sales staff - only to learn that to afford the best for the twins, one must go on a rameen noodle diet for at least 2 weeks. while i've learnt to acquire some decent innerwear without getting too broke, i did refrain from touching certain apparel which i knew - for the lack of a better term - was going to be a bust.
anyho, when a friend got me a gift cert recently, i finally decided to invest in that strange engineering malfunction known as a strapless bra. imagine begging a piece of material with some metal hooks to come together for a good cause. they tend to oblige but only for the sake of it. what happens when they do is a complete disaster. along with my boobs, my self-esteem plunges into this abyss until i start crying: "please, lord, give me back the straps!!"
yes, life does go on without a strapless bra... but it would be nice to have one that works. for me, at least!


Kanika said...

not sure if your single male readership is ready for this one... though it DOES open up the imagination!!

As to the question of having one that works, they usually come with velcro... try THAT for an image!!

Meeta said...

Velcro..eek! But have to agree with you on this (and with Kanika on readership!:D). And yes, what is it with undergarment shops in India?? Even the GK ones had salesmen handling the women's counter!

Shilpa said...

hey no snarky comments on my readership huh. i happen to know several male readers who carouse this site but are too lazy to leave a comment (uno who you are!)

Ash7 said...

hahahahha.....funny blog indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laura said...

just came across your fun blog thru a friend's page... have had similar issues with strapless bras. don't u think the underwires are a pain too??