Monday, March 05, 2007

Holi Sunday

My roomie and I had a really fun potluck this Sunday afternoon. Some highlights included M cooking kadai chicken till 3 a.m. and waking up 4 hours later to make appetizers; playing antakshari and singing horribly out of tune, of course; C brings guest who brings another guest who knocks over furniture; D’s guest falls off papasan chair! Sits right back up to sing Rafi melodies; U brings bloody mary mix without the vodka…duh! Takes out trash to compensate; G makes cutting chai sans sugar. Su steps in for second round, makes kick ass adrak chai. And props to most women who turned up in desi outfits and the 2-3 men who obliged as well :)

Some random quotes from the afternoon:

“I really can’t look inside his brain right now.”
“I might gag if she dances on the table.”
"I look like Punju aunty on her morning walk."
“If your landlord evicts you now, you have enough people here to help you move.”
“The heat is on, yaar.. umm, sorry I didn’t mean it to come out like that.”
“What’s funny is you state the obvious and then make it worse by explaining what you just said!”
“Did you just say hermaphrodite?”
“The irony is you women can have it anytime but you don’t have the desire. Not always at least.”
“Can you please stop announcing I look like Michael Jackson?”
“Last time I had a potluck at my place you slept over, remember?”
“I am going to rediscover my roots... on Palace on Wheels.”
“Start by losing your American accent.”
“Yeah my room is cosy. It’s definitely not Starbucks or Kramer’s.”
“Am I supposed to know where your room is?”
“I’m getting a feeling you like flan.”
“How come I don’t get introduced to her… because I’m not from MIT?”
“Look at your shoes. What’s your size?”
“Of course I have talked about you… just not very good things.”
“There’s a lot of talent in this room.”


zunaira said...

hey shilpa, sounds like you had a lot of fun.. happy holi!

Neha Choudhari said...

man...i miss dc so much reading this piece...!!

Kanika said...

what? no Bhang? Confucius say "no bhang, no antakshari - ears will bleed from bad singing of bad holi songs without calming effects of bhang"

Sounds like you had a blast, and hopefully, there were no "red faces" from the comments AAAHAHAHAHAHA -- ok, ok, I'll stop now.

shilpa said...

zu: thanks! nice to hear from you.
nc: well it's time to make another trip here.
kanika: ya if we had bhang it wd be pretty crazy! sooo funny.. considering you'll be huffing and puffing out a "pink face" in the hospital soon. tee hee.

Kanika said...

actually, its more of a blue face, but yes, things are looking more and more imminent!!

Meeta said...

hey, nice piece! Made me quite nostalgic:)

Mallika said...

That made me giggle... Once I had worked out the different letters meant people and the conmversation didn' exactly flow like that... ha ha!

Monica said...

Really a lot of talent. Priceless quotes re.

shilpa said...

meeta: danke. now don't get too senti on me :)
mallika: yup i'd rather not take any names here! and how funny wd it be if the conversation actually did flow like that? lol. glad u liked it.
monica: haa.. total gems!

Sash said...

All this without any intoxicants -- imagine the conversation with a little bhang...

Praney said...

Funny !

shilpa said...

sash: ohh if bhang was involved i doubt i wd remember any of the quotes ;)
praney: thanks for dropping by!

Mona said...

Why wasn't I invited to this party??? Oh, wait...I was in Costa Rica sittin on the beach sipping a pina colada! ;-)

There you go, always complain that I don't read your blog. Now you can't! ;-)

Rohini said...

All those surreal statements without bhang? Imagine what would have happened if there had been bhang!

shilpa said...

mona: you know you were invited, OK! and this is probably the 3rd comment you've left here so i'm guessing you do take a quick look now and then :D
rohini: surreal is the word :)