Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Special Tête-a-Tête

Maybe it was something about the amazing weather we've been having lately here that people on the streets are being super friendly... and so I found myself lo! and behold! bumping into my landlord and exchanging real, actual, you could even say near-geniune, pleasantries. In the past, I often passed T on my way to the metro or coming home late one night when he too, would umm, be opening the door for his boyfriend. The conversation would be stilted due to several reasons - me knowing T hates me for still occupying his flat (why? see blog entry on "putting out kitchen fires"); T being generally awkward and unsocial; and me silently cursing him for getting action and at the same time praying that he would not say something, anything about the flat. or why I was still in it. But inspite of the banalities, I could still get hurt as it happened once when he totally ignored me on the street while walking home with the bf and so we couldn't even have that little awkward conversation which makes a landlord-tenant relationship so special. More reason to blame the new bf, I say!
Any-ho, Monday was the kind of day when the right temperature met the right gust of wind and decided to spread a general warmth and cheer around everyone. As I was yakking on the phone and about to cross the street, I saw T approaching. "Just a sec," I told my friend.
"Hi there.. long time. How are you?" I smiled at T.
"I'm good. It's a lovely day, isn't it?" he said, smiling back.
"It is indeed. We haven't seen you around. Have you been well? Out of town?" I asked.
"Yes I was in Chicago for a conference," he said (still smiling).
"Ah, well you know M is going to India next month. If you need anything, please let her know," I said.
"Thanks a lot but if I did tell her what I wanted I might give her a pretty long list," he said (STILL smiling. wow!).
"Oh I'm sure she won't mind," I said. "OK, well have a nice day."
"You too, enjoy the weather," he said. (OMG.. still smiling)
I called M and shared the brilliant news - he TALKED to me. what's going on? Daylight Savings Time, perhaps? I'm pleased as punch.. he doesn't hate me anymore.. does he?


Monica said...

I think he's given up on you. Might as well as grin and bear it?

shilpa said...

i know.. besides he shd be pleased we're not like his previous tenant whose gf was quite a noisemaker, if you know what i mean!

Neha Choudhari said...

Its called anger allivation...when u r in shock coz something dear to you is damaged...but then with time u get used to living without it...

Meeta said...

Maybe he was blinded by all that sunshine and didnt recognize you? heh heh

shilpa said...

nc: yeah that's another way of looking at it.. or just plain indifference
meeta: if there was sunshine, wouldn't he be making hay? haw haw

Mallika said...

Kitchen fires... good grief Shilps. It's a wonder he didn't turn away and run for dear life...

Hope you're feeling better!