Thursday, March 22, 2007

So Sick of It

What are the high and low points of being stuck at home with the flu?
1. the bed/couch is your best friend. you get to sleep really, really late or just nod off during the middle of the day not because you can but because you're so drugged up you can't help it.
2. you discover daytime TV. besides looking forward to Oprah, I finally caught up with the loves and lives of Ridge, Brooke and co. on "The Bold and the Beautiful." amazing how they still recycle those affairs.
3. the bad throat makes you acquire a certain something in your voice which in turn makes you call everyone you possibly know so they in turn can make appropriate sympathetic noises and give you all the home remedies they know about bad throats but finally say what you've been dying to hear all along: "you're sounding terribly sexy!"
4. can't taste a damn thing. can't eat much of a damn thing. lost 3 lbs!! best diet ever :)
1. idle mind is a devil's workshop... figure that one out!
2. a stuffy nose just snuffs out all sensory pleasures, especially nice-smelling food... which is kinda good because then i'm not eating it, right.
3. made the mistake of going out to cover a Hill event... trying to cough v.discreetly inside a packed committee room is the most painful thing I've done since.. since.. since.. my gums were giving me trouble last week. plus couldn't shake hands with 22-yr-old cute congressional intern coz i would make him sick too. bah.
4. no booze while you're sick.. but the alchohol content in the throat syrup is making me feel pretty good!


Neha Choudhari said...

"You sound terribly sexy"..I can literally imagine DD and SD both saying that to you when down with

Monica said...

You're not 'sick of it', no, not at all. :)

shilpa said...

neha: arre neither of them even noticed or bothered to call!! bah.
monica: haha :)

Meeta said...

nooooooooo...not the B&B! How could you!! So now you're mad at me for not saying you sound sexy (!) when you're all phlegmed up?

shilpa said...

oh but u have no idea what's going on now at B&B.. apparently brooke's daughter has the hots for thorne or someone twice her age. and no, not mad at u, just a tad jealous of your prius :D cough! cough! calls are still appreciated.