Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mid-Week Stupor

Like going home again, up the flight of stairs
And met with the familiar banter of so-how-was-your-day and stuff.
There were the suits and ties and frazzled hair,
That spoke of a day’s work gone by in a fluff.

Daniel was his name and he made key lime martinis,
For the birthday boy’s drink of choice was a gin and tonic.
But the girls gushed over and some got the freebies,
Between talk of whether Gonzales and Wolfowitz were truly apologetic.

In the middle a furry creature was found sitting in calm composure
Amidst the din of who did what to whom when and where.
“I think I’m drunk” was a tossed around phrase of guilt and pleasure,
But the usual lovers of all things malted surprisingly stayed (mostly) sober there

Finally, the troops remembered the curfew – we all had jobs to keep after all,
Trudged down into the pouring rain and the sleek wet streets -
To munch on Julia’s hot empanadas and mull over other birthdays to recall,
Before our knights in yellow armor drove us home to be tucked under the sheets.


Neha Choudhari said...

good one!

Sash said...

Shilpa, you inspired me to write one too esp after trying (and failing) to get Daniel’s martinis. Hope people from last night get some of the references…

Rejection of the Martinis

Daniel, Daniel,
Where were thou!
When I needed key lime
Why did you reject me so?

Was it your hair?
Or your “other” side?
Was it my visa?
Or my drunk side?

Ex boyfriends and favorite songs
Lost wallet and drunken rambles
Julia’s Jamaicans met
egg yolk cocktails
Drunk birthday boy and
Calm little shepherd

Did I lose the key
in the martini?
Did I even get it
until the rain?
Londonstani Londonstani
We said
Are we still talking about it?
V said

Daniel, Daniel
You rejected me so
But Slovakian martinis
Kept me drunk so.

shilpa said...

hahah... good one!! it was sooo frustrating to catch his attention (felt like being rejected for some high school social) and finally all it took was complimenting his damn hair. boys are so dumb!! oh, did i say it felt like i was in high school again :D

Ekta Chandra said...

Awesome, both of you write so well. I wish Daniel saw this creative side of yours!

Sash said...

Humph... I dont need Daniel's martinis, the slovakian ones were even better (tho Geetu will contradict).

Neha Choudhari said...


shilpa said...

slovakian ones were better?? chalo good as long as he wasn't making molotov cocktails.. haw haw.. but i think it was the other bartender (not danny boy) who gave me the freebie so i'm biased towards him.

Anonymous said...

Btw, the birthday boy was drinking vodka and tonic - correcting the facts here.

Monica said...

Damn good stuff, both of you! Looking forward to more drinking verse

shilpa said...

anon: ok i stand corrected but bday boy did get the gin and tonic from me!
monica: thanking

clio1900 said...

Oh myyy! Encore, please!:)