Wednesday, April 25, 2007

WW II... Well, Not Really

I had to put this one up after a recent chat about good ol' DPS (RKP) days... Meeta and I were in the same section in class 11th and 12th. btw, when I talk about nationalities mixing i mean the kids who were learning the language. the "overflow" refers to the 20 kids learning German who couldn't fit into the original "G" section for the German kids. "F" had the French kids and clearly, there was no way they could accomodate the Germans.
Meeta: what section were you in before the 11th? H?
me: I don't remember.. think the one with some Germans and Russians mixed
Meeta: ahh..overflow :)
me: every day was like coming to the Polish front.. but not.. haw haw haw


ivahhc said...

H was overflow? I thought it was all Russian :D hee hee.

rohitpad said...

Actually I think H was the Russian-German mix. They were the ones who always were left out.
On another note, since the batch of 1994 never did get batch photos taken, I think I am going to start a 12M batch photo group on Orkut! Insane I know - but hey why not?

shilpa said...

chhav: not enough people wanted to learn russian - not cool enough? - so there were about 15 of us.
paddu: "they were the ones who were always left out." what does that mean??
but go for the photo group.. something better than nothing!

shilpa said...

chhav, since i can't leave comments on ur blog... the horse and dog pic is priceless!!! LOVE it.

clio1900 said...

Rohit- great idea! I've been moaning about chona and our class pic for ever.
Shilpa - of course F section couldn't accomodate the Gs...that would be very vichy-washy of them. hee hee
Chhavi (who was in G) and me (in F) were even forbidden to spend zero hour (before classes begin) together. snifff...Damn..we could write an entire story based on analogies between the lanuage section and modern European history!:D