Thursday, April 03, 2008

Making Up for Lost Ground

So I have been procrastinating on the blog front but I will try to update with an abridged (but detailed, I hope) version of events from the past few weeks before I get too foggy.

Why Fierce is the New Fabulous

Imagine being feted and dined by one gorgeous man with the best fake Indian accent this side of the Atlantic. Then imagine his four other gorgeous men friends surrounding you and discussing everything from sharp cheese to bad mortgages in a wonderful ritual that surely every girl must go through – intellectual stimulation by your gay friends while watching Top Chef. Don’t get me wrong: Although I am quite used to “being one of the guys” on occasion but to be a double minority – the only straight girl in a room full of gay men – that was definitely a first. But post 2 bottles of wine, the conversation gently, and naturally steered towards sex. It was inevitable. Just when I started feeling so special, I felt kind of left out. But I enjoyed listening... after all, sex, religion and politics are the only three things that everyone has an opinion on. Oh, and did you know Key West is the latest vacation spot after Providence, Rhode Island?

A Holi Mess

Another year. Another potluck. It was even more chaotic than last year – more people, more food, more booze, even more non-Indians! And definitely more singing. Some memorable quotes from the day (as far as I remember):
“I made at least 60 balls last night.”
“What’s South Indian lassi?” “Anything below Bombay is South Indian. Lassi is North Indian though.”
“You’re asking me too many questions. Please mingle.”
“What’s that stuff in your teeth?”
“I want my chai before it runs out of steam.”
“I work in consulting. That’s code word for pimping.”
“I can’t understand what you’re singing but less volume, more harmony, people.”
“Is it 8 pm already? That was a long brunch!”

Operation Beagle Rescue

I was coming home when I saw a little beagle wandering around my street intersection. I thought it was from one of the houses nearby so I said hi and went on my way... and then he started coming down my street and followed me, right into my gate! He sniffed around the yard, and when I shooed him off, he looked a bit scared. I noticed a collar but without any name. I decided to go after him in case he wandered into the street… when I finally caught the little fellow in my arms, he happily started licking my face :)
So I carried him back towards the intersection and asked a friendly face if she knew anything about a missing dog. Luckily, another lady popped her head through her door and asked what was going on. While beagle boy stared at us with his adoring eyes, we talked about whether to call the animal shelter or report him elsewhere. Finally, it was decided she would keep him – since my landlord doesn’t allow pets – and she eventually had to take him to the shelter. I miss my pooch and hope he finds a good home soon :(

Going to Disney

Orlando was literally a trip: kids, old people and swaying palm trees everywhere. I just didn’t get to see Disneyland since I had gone on work. The highlight was meeting these two precious girls, who were 2 and 6, respectively. They decided to befriend me and barrage me with a bunch of questions. From the demanding “Do you like chips or pretzels?” and “What is your favorite color?” to the fairly insightful “Do you still talk to your childhood friends?” and “What color are they – brown or peach?” Sydnee and Avery were a treat to talk to. I gave them conference goodies like chocolates – which they enjoyed – and a stuffed white tiger – which they were not willing to share or part with. At the airport they fought over who would hold my hand, while my other hand held on tightly to my bags. Finally they agreed to take turns. The younger one asked my name again and repeated it to herself a dozen times. “So I will never forget you.” And the older one decided to ask me what I thought of her mommy and daddy (who I work with). “They are both very, very nice,” I said. She thought for a minute. “Yeah, daddy is a bit weird but he can be nice, too,” she said. Amen to that :)