Thursday, May 08, 2008

Getting There

We all know why we’re on social networking sites. No, it’s not because we want to see what so-and-so is doing after so many years. Well, maybe we do and maybe we don’t. But we really want to check out the guy/girl we had a crush on in class 9 - where, what are they upto and most importantly, who are they with? And do we really want to add them as our “friend?” were we ever friends in the first place? And should we send a ever-so-casual note, saying hi and hope all is well (i.e. look where I am, look where you are!).
But have you ever googled anyone and smiled in sadistic pleasure? A very informal and unscientific poll among some friends has revealed that more guys than girls like to do the web trolling for the “looking up old flame” thing. They say they just want to see how she’s doing. Yeah, right. They just want to make sure she really has gained 20 pounds post-school and post-kids so they can go, “Phew. Thank God.” The girls say they just want to see if the guy is doing well and happy and stuff. Yeah, right. They just want to make sure he really has gained 20 pounds and is still secretly kicking himself for losing The One That Got Away.
Anyhoo – have you ever got one of those emails from a random classmate or school acquaintance where they attempted to catch up with EVERYTHING in your life with ONE sentence about theirs? I just did. It went something like this:
“hi i am in Bangalore, did my from LSR and then masters from uk fell in love got married and have 2 kids what about u what u guys upto?"
Talk about a shot-gun fairy tale ending. I had to read it several times because a) could this person’s life be more predictable? and b) she led a fairly straight-and-narrow path and couldn’t have sounded more happier capturing it all in one sentence. I thought about an appropriate reply and I couldn’t come up with much because a) it really is more complicated than a sentence could deserve and b) although I want the fairy tale (once I start believing in it!) as well, it’s comforting to know I have my own, unique way of getting there.