Monday, August 25, 2008

Order of Inventory

OK, I just had another 30-something birthday last week. Time for another life inventory:

No job? Check.
No home? Check.
No significant other/pet/fish tank/visiting mice? Check.

For some godforsaken reason, the universe is giving me the biggest bitch-slap ever and I am supposed to get The Lesson from it. What it is, I am still figuring it out. It's been more than two months since I've been unemployed and a little more than two weeks when I received two job offers which did not work out for whatever reason. On top of that, I will not be able to commit to signing a year's lease on my apt. so I have to sell off my furniture, donate the rest, pack up the essentials and shuffle between charitable friends and relatitves. It will be a soulful purge of excess baggage, to say the least.
So I have had the wind knocked out of me. But I've also literally gotten back on my feet again. I know I'm doing much better than a lot of other people might under these circumstances. And perhaps I will look back on these days with wonder and pride at how I managed to pull through it. But for now, I have to keep my head above water and keep swimming to the shore. And make sure to remember another life inventory:

Loving, supportive family? Check.
Amazing friends? Check.
Great resources for my general well-being? Check.

If there is more crap on the way (and there will be), I can take it. And then some.