Friday, August 11, 2006

Lady in Pink

I'm walking along as i normally do (yeah coz i hate running unless it's for a bus or i've been mugged, but i digress) and right in front of me is this crossdresser who is like the spitting image of Ricky Gervais except this chap was a bit taller, hair darker, no beard and wearing a pink dress and a lovely string of pearls to match. so i saw him for the second time and he was wearing the same outfit. maybe he just likes to put it on every thurs. or something. but the resemblence to Gervais was hilarious. why am i bringing up a crossdresser when there are loonies wanting to blow up planes with drinking bottles?? because this guy is just so sane in comparison. plus you gotta love pearls on a guy!!


Anonymous said...

pearls must be a guy's best friend then!

Shilpa said...

yeah we've come a long way from dogs and demons (being a man's best friend)!

Anonymous said...

p.s. saw the same guy again recently but he was not wearing the same dress. he was wearing some short pajamas with long earrings. so he *does* have a fashion sense!